Company registered with the R.E.A. under no. 09000005295

(Register of companies accredited by the Generalitat of Catalonia)

We advise our client using a study prior to commencing any renovation or works and prepare a no-obligation quote.

We have an extensive portfolio of tradesmen, meaning we can offer different solutions and obtain the most suitable advice for each case, gathering all the information and different prices in the market for our client to draw up the best quote from our client’s point of view.

We also work with heating and air-conditioning, offering any service relating to this field, such as the installation, maintenance or technical service, from a wide range of brand names in the market. This service is offered to individuals, companies and industries.

If you are starting out, we can also manage works and coordinate tasks. In this way it will be done more easily, preventing time from being wasted due to bad management or organisation between tradesmen.

We simply form a team with our client, aiming to offer them the best solutions.

Some of our works